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Shadow on the Bramblewood - 5e Compatible Adventure

Shadow on the Bramblewood - 5e Compatible Adventure

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In the fey forest of Bramblewood, an insidious malevolent force has taken hold. The once-peaceful woodland is now rife with corruption and darkness, and its inhabitants are being twisted into grotesque mockeries of their former selves. Innocent mortals are being abducted and transformed into statues, serving as twisted ornaments for the evil entity's pleasure. Amidst this chaos, the brave pukwudgies of Bramblewood are fighting to preserve the last vestiges of purity in the forest. Will you join them in their struggle to save the Bramblewood from the jaws of this relentless evil?

Shadow on the Bramblewood is a Fifth Edition drag-and-drop adventure for four characters balanced for levels 3, 5, 8 and 10, and guidelines for any levels in between. This adventure for game masters acts as an Add-On to a larger campaign. Easily integrated into your campaign, this dungeon comes with suggestions for adventure hooks that will excite any party.

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