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Gilbasaurus Digital Adventure Bundle

Gilbasaurus Digital Adventure Bundle

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  • Tomb of Fenrir's Hold. Can you stop the dark magic inside the tomb that is causing the dead to rise and find the secret the gods have been hiding within?
  • Shadow on the Bramblewood. A malicious, evil spirit; a war between fey creatures; and a... statue decorating competition. Can you save the Bramblewood?
  • VTT-Ready maps and Tokens. Maps and tokens for both adventures are provided along with the PDF of the adventure.

This bundle contains two Fifth Edition drag-and-drop adventures for four characters balanced for levels 1 - 8, or 3 - 10 respectively, and guidelines for any levels in between. These adventures for game masters act as an Add-Ons to a larger campaign. Easily integrated into your campaign, these dungeons come with suggestions for adventure hooks that will excite any party.

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