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Curse of the Dark Night - Digital+

Curse of the Dark Night - Digital+

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Curse of the Dark Night is a gripping, dark fantasy adventure for Fifth Edition D&D designed for a 3rd, 5th or 8th level party and guides on how to balance for each. 

Step into the cursed town of Dreich, ensnared within a domain of eternal darkness. As the party arrives in this haunted realm, they must uncover the malevolent force behind the curse, and unravel the mystery to liberate themselves and the town from its inescapable grip.

Prepare for a journey filled with tough choices, as the party delves into the history and secrets of Dreich. Explore eerie locations choked with wicked creatures, fanatical townspeople, and sinister secrets. The challenges that await will test their resolve, their senses, and their very humanity. Can they triumph over the curse and save Dreich, or will they succumb to its malevolent power and become one of The Hexed? The fate of the town lies in their hands.

- Curse of the Dark Night PDF - High Quality, Small File Size & Printer-Friendly Versions

- 21x High Quality Maps - GM & Player

- 21x VTT-Ready Maps - GM & Player

- 21x Tokens - Monsters & NPC's

- 24x Artwork - Locations, Magic Items, Weapons, Monsters & NPC's

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